Valerie V. Hunt Ed.D
1916 - 2014

About Dr. Hunt

Best known for her pioneering research in the field of bioenergy, Dr. Hunt’s visionary approach coupled with a rigorous adherence to the highest scientific standards has won her international acclaim in the fields of physiology, medicine and bioengineering.

She was the first to develop the protocols and instrumentation necessary to detect and record the body’s high frequency energy fields with the spectral analysis of bioenergy patterns. She discovered the neuromuscular patterns of non-verbal communication and her groundbreaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease, emotional pathologies, human field communication and the energy spectrum of consciousness.

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt is a research scientist, author, lecturer and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.