Music of Light - CD

Music of Light - CD


Music of Light - CD
The Only Authentic Auric Tapes

Feeling tired? Stressed out? Intellectually drained?

Imagine experiencing feelings of increased vitality, heightened creativity, or improved physical performance. Surrounding yourself with the Music of Light can result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being

This set of two disks contains five tracks, each with a different auric sound harmonically correlated with contemporary, classical, or new age music. RED, mixed with contemporary African music revitalizes the body. BLUE, combining with Mozart, Brahms, and Beethoven's music relaxes and calms the field. Playing YELLOW with vibrant waltzes fills the room and brings coherent flow of energy to the body. 

These CDs have brought together for the first time, the inner living sounds, the perfect rhythms, the complex wave forms and resonances of a human interacting with his world.

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