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From the broad insights of a philosopher
From the sharp clarity of a scientist
From the wisdom of a mystical clairvoyant
I write this, my last parapsychological book. Here I have taken the lofty road, the splendid one and also the low road, the often powerfully loaded one to contrast the difference. I hope you enjoy my Splendifferent Thoughts.

Splendifferent Thoughts — $12.95

Slendifferent          Thoughts

The chess represents our game in life. Many oaths, many religions, one tree with many branches. The empty wine glass represents the union of all religions into one. The fire represents the materialism of the world. When we will open consciousness we will be ONE.

Unity and The Cosmo© 1977) Cover by Jacqueline Ripstein (©)

Fine Artist & Art Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy

Creator of new Invisible techniques in Art. Development of high vibrational products.Designer, Creative. Dedicated to help raise the human consciousness through The Arts through motivational and self awareness books, seminars & workshops. Author.                        

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