An autobiography. Everyone on their journey wants to know their destiny. Dr. Hunt, a professor scientist, carefully remembered the process of recovering the mystic and profound capabilities of her soul through an initiation and through past lives recall. The rich universality of Dr.Hunt’s personal stories has uncorked unconscious past lifehoods for many readers. Now they can handle these consciously to further their growth.

Jacob’s Dream (©  1990) Cover by Jacqueline Ripstein (©) 
Fine Artist & Creator of the Invisible Art & Light tech.
Art Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy 
United Nations ECOSOC representative of the International Associationof Educators for World Peace info@jacquelineripstein.com
Journey of A Soul
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Scientist to Mystic

Journey of A Soul— $14.95

Scientist to Mystic:

Journey of A Soul

Valerie V. Hunt Ed. D

Scientist to Mystic:

“The emotional power expanded by the subtle vibrations of colors as created by Jacqueline Ripstein in the etheric painting, Jacob's Dream, visually and profoundly depicts my spiritual union with the divine, God. Her enlightened message through art is the universal information to calm the current explosive turmoil of people around the world.”

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